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Indie Book Read a Chapter- Ninja Book Box Blog Tour

Well for those of you who don't know there is a lovely new bookish box out there is the world! If you are anything like me I absolutely love getting surprises in the mail so these things are always pretty exciting! This is going to be a box that celebrates Indie books which is where my post comes in!

Now because I don't have a lot of experience with Indie books I decided to do an Indie book read a chapter. What I am going to do is pick four different books,  read the first chapter and then give you a little bit about what I thought and if I plan to continue on with the book! I asked for some recommendations and so I am going into all of these books knowing very little about them.

First Book!

(It has a prologue so Im going to read it and chapter 1)
Okay so I already sense the pickle I might be getting myself into because I read the prologue and the first chapter, a grand total of 28 pages and I already don't want to put this one down to try the first chapter of the next book. I went into this book blind and have so far discovered that it is seemingly a YA contemporary. In the prologue our narrator (She goes by Hawthorne, but says its not her name....) claims its a love story, but not a happy one which right there has me hooked. Not only am I already connecting with our narrator, but I also am intrigued by our strong silent type of a male who is also introduced within the first chapter as well. There are family issues at play already and though I am not entirely sure where its going I am exciting to find out.

So in case you couldn't tell, yes I am going to continue on with this one.

Second Book!

The Island by S. Usher Evans
Okay, so this book shows why I sometimes don't enjoy reading fantasy/sci-fi books. They can start with maps, create their own languages, worlds, names etc.and I just often times find them to be overwhelming when I read them. This one seems to take place during a war and we get at least 2 POV's from alternative sides of the war. I'll admit even with my lack of fantasy reading this one has intrigued me enough that I think I am going to continue on with this one as well. 

Third Book!

My Thoughts:
Okay so can we first talk about this cover? I would have picked up the book on that alone.
Unfortunately for me thats where my enjoyment is. This seems to be a paranormal/fantasy as well as a Historical Fiction and that is just incredibly overwhelming to me at this point. I struggled to make my way through the first chapter at all so I am feeling as though this may just not be the book for me. It was an interesting concept however and I can totally understand why someone else may enjoy this book.

Fourth Book!

The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

Another one with a Prologue so again I read it as well as the first chapter (still only ended up being 17 pages) So far what I've gathered is that I'm pretty sure its Dystopian and we once again have multiple POV's from alternating sides of society. What I am getting so far is that something happened (a meteor? I don't totally remember) and so the human population had to move inside of the Earth rather than living on the surface.  So far I am intrigued. I think I likely will continue on with it at least for a bit. It looks like its a 4 book series so who knows if Ill get through it all, but Ill keep going for a while at least.

There are only a couple of days left, but if you want to check out any of the other stops on this blog tour this is where you can look:

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